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Become a BENI sponsor today and change the lives of children in Haiti


Children with disabilities in Haiti face severe discrimination, making them some of the most vulnerable and marginalized people in Haiti. It’s a sad reality that we’re passionate about changing. The Maison de Benediction is a leading disability center in northern Haiti. Created in 2009, it provides life-transforming care for children with disabilities and their families, offering day and overnight residential respite care for children whose parents find it hard to provide the full-time specialist care their children need. 

Thanks to the Maison’s efforts within the wider community, we’ve seen stigma against children with disabilities decrease, schools are enrolling children with disabilities for the first time and children are receiving life-transforming mobility aids like wheelchairs and much more. 

We need your help more than ever to maintain and develop this pioneering program.



Why BENI sponsorship means more now than ever before

Despite all this progress we are heartbroken to announce that due to a shortage of funding, we have had to close the disability center for 50% of the year and decrease the amount of medical care and schooling these children receive. This decision has not been taken lightly and we aim to turn this around as soon as possible. 

We need your help. 

The Maison is entirely funded by donations and relies on the commitment and generosity of our amazing Beni Sponsors. Become a monthly Beni sponsor today and give $40 a month, that’s only $1.30 a day, to help provide life-saving respite care, rehabilitation and education for children in need who may otherwise be neglected or abandoned. 

Just $1.30 a day can…

  • Enable the Maison to be open five days a week to provide full-time medical care and schooling to the children. 
  • Support the development of a teenage specific program to better care for their changing needs. 
  • Provide more places for disabled children, keeping more families together. 

Together, let’s show that disability is not inability!