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Hopeful for the future

Imagine having to flee your country due to war and leaving all your possessions, animals, livelihoods and friends behind, all whilst being paralysed...

This was a 12-year-old's reality. After developing epilepsy at 1 years old and being paralysed on the right hand side of her body, this young woman has struggled with movement and has had almost no independence all her life.
In 2017, this young girl and her grandmother fled South Sudan and journeyed empty-handed to BidiBidi, leaving all of their possessions, animals and livelihoods behind.
"Life in BidiBidi is challenging" says the grandother, after struggling to support her 12-year-old granddaughter and her other children after the ration reduction in the settlement. She also looks after another granddaughter with disabilities and has no other family here to help her. The cover on their house is poor so during the rainy season the house gets ruined.
Thanks to your donations and our partnership with Through The Roof, this young girl received the best present of her life - a new wheelchair and walking aid!
"I used to fall over all the time and have never had a mobility aid. I have received a crutch and a wheelchair. The crutch is going to help me move around short distances and keep practicing walking and the wheelchair will allow me to go further for getting to school, hospital and church."
Because of supporters like you, this 12-year-old's life has completely changed. She can now easily sit comfortably and will be able to get to school on time! 
Her grandmother hopes that she will keep studying and when they go back to South Sudan she will be educated and able to get a job. She is hopeful for the future!