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#FreeFromHunger - East Africa Emergency Appeal

Thank you for your continued support over what has been a truly extraordinary 12 months. Through your generosity, children and families in Haiti and East Africa have been cared for and lives saved during this truly awful pandemic.

In the last few months, HHA have been deeply moved and challenged by the realities of thousands of refugees in East Africa who are facing COVID19 after already enduring years of conflict, ongoing food insecurity, extreme climate conditions, poor access to disability care and lack of education. For those who live in extreme poverty across Uganda and South Sudan, everything about this pandemic is magnified: the risk, the fear, the uncertainty, the life-and-death realities. Thousands of refugees are facing this reality every day.

This is why we are launching an emergency appeal to seek additional funding of $15,000 to support the critical and life-saving needs of refugees in Uganda and those displaced by war in South Sudan. This funding will help HHA build the resilience of refugees through increased food security, disability care and agricultural support

Our team have reported communities we support in South Sudan being forced to eat leaves due to their extreme poverty or refugees with disabilities at the point of starvation due to a lack of basic food supplies.

"Life in BidiBidi is challenging" stated this grandmother, after struggling to support her paralysed 12-year-old granddaughter and her other children after the recent ration reduction in the settlement. This family, like so many others, are reliant on food aid through monthly rations typically only lasting between 8 - 14 days each month. 

This extreme chronic hunger is the harsh reality for those living in poverty right now.

This spring HHA aims to raise £10,000 to build the resilience of refugees in Uganda and South Sudan affected by food insecurity, poor access to disability care, lack of agricultural support, the COVID-19 pandemic and other disease outbreaks. This appeal will enable HHA to carry out its 2021 vision, supporting many life-saving projects, including:

Please visit our campaign page today for more detail about our plans, and to see how you can get involved. Or act now and make a donation to this appeal here.

Once again, thank you for your continued support and joining us as we take action to fight for a world where everyone can be #FreeFromHunger. 

Carwyn Hill
CEO and Co-Founder of Hope Health Action