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HHA believe every mother and baby deserve the right to life, with the help of safe and dignified maternal health. Each year we support thousands of women through a range of community and hospital-based activities, as we fight to reduce maternal mortalities globally.

In the picture above we have have baby L, born in our maternity ward at HCBH at only 28wks and 6 days. During delivery, Doctor Dorsanvil (who is also our head OBGYN) noticed that the newborn didn’t have any movement in the chest area, so he quickly handed over to Doctor Barbara (the head Pediatrician) and she started assessing baby L. After thorough examination, baby was quickly admitted to the Neonatal ward for further assistance. L had difficulty breathing and was treated for APNEA (a serious sleep disorder in which breathing repeatedly stops and starts) where she was quickly placed on a C-PAP machine to help with the treatment. Nurse Louis who was on call during that night said “baby L did good last night but (the next) morning baby was not looking the same, the NICU staff had to work hard to gain recovery.” This was the mothers third child born at HCBH who said she feels her baby is in safe hands with our Doctors. Thanks to the fast thinking of our healthcare staff, L is stable and doing well in the NICU unit where she is still being closely monitored.