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Explanations of acronyms that HHA use

Have you ever wondered why you can't read a doctor's note or the letters and numbers on a prescription? Or have you ever seen an acronym used on HHA’s social media and wondered what this meant? 

Our healthcare professionals often use acronyms and medical terminology for many conditions, healthcare technology and instructions to their patients. We thought it might be helpful to share a list of the acronyms that are used the most across HHA and what these mean:

NICU - Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

SCI - Spinal Cord Injury

UNHCR - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

CRADLE - Community blood pressure monitoring in Rural Africa & Asia: Detection of underLying pre-Eclampsia and shock

A&E - Accident & Emergency

HCBH - Hopital de la Convention Baptist d’Haiti

M&E  - Monitoring & Evaluation

OPM - Office of the Prime Minister

P&O - Prosthetics and Orthotics 

PWD - People/Persons with disabilities

CWD - Child with disabilities

IDP - Internally Displaced Person

CP - Cerebral Palsy

GAM - Global Acute Malnutrition

SAM - Severe Acute Malnutrition