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New Volunteer Roles in Haiti

This is such an exciting and unique time for the hospital  - to partner with them on the journey is the best job in the world’ ROB, A&E NURSE, LONG-TERM VOLUNTARY HEALTH COORDINATOR IN HAITI
As international borders are opening and travel is becoming easier, we have some exciting opportunities for short, medium and long term volunteering opportunities in Haiti (as well as Uganda if you’re interested!).
The amazing work of HHA has only been made possible thanks to our incredible volunteers over the years.  A diverse group of people from different countries and backgrounds, some young, some old.  Some looking for international development experience, others an overseas mission opportunity.  Whatever their background or motivation for joining us, they’ve all made a life-saving impact.
Alongside on-going short and medium term placements, this year we are actively seeking a number of long-term volunteers to join our amazing Haiti team.  All roles include accommodation, expenses and per diem support.
We are looking for clinical volunteers to support our partner hospital in Haiti as they seek to serve 30,000+ patients a year.  Whilst we’d be open to hear from people of all medical backgrounds we are specifically looking for those with expertise/qualifications in the following areas;
  • Neonatal and Paediatric Care
  • Maternal Health Care
  • Emergency Care
  • General/Orthopaedic Surgical Care
  • Physical, Occupational or Speech Therapists
Our partner hospital is a 100+ bed facility with around 300 staff!  We’re looking for a new Operations and Facilities Coordinator who can help with a range of activities, including logistics, site management/maintenance, general operations.  
If the above roles don’t suit you, don’t worry, we’re keen to hear from people with other expertise who could join the team.  Whilst we’re very open to applicants with different transferable skills, we’d especially love to hear from individuals with experience/qualifications in the following areas;
  • Pastoral/chaplaincy care
  • IT
  • Communications/marketing (inc. photography and film)
  • Volunteer coordination
  • Grants and trusts writing
  • General maintenance (builders, electricians, engineers etc.)
  • Project management
  • Monitoring & evaluation