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Saving lives... and the planet

In the last month HHA have completed some major new electrical projects in Haiti and Uganda that will optimise solar and battery energy, saving lives and the planet.
In Haiti, following the critical fuel shortages of 2021 that forced many health facilities to close or reduce services, we’re delighted to have installed a new OffGrid power cube at HCBH hospital, which was shipped over at the end of 2021.  This new addition will help stabilise the hospitals electricity from our generators, significantly reducing the risk of sensitive medical equipment breaking as a result of electricity fluctuations.  It will also reduce the hospitals reliance on our fuel generators by using inverters to convert solar energy and batteries to store power, which is a major step forward in helping our work become more sustainable. Turning off the generators saves a lot of money in fuel costs and reduces carbon emissions.  A huge thanks to the incredible supporter who donated this cube and our solar partners OffGrid Energy for their on-going support!
Over in Uganda, thanks to another anonymous supporter, New Hope Rehabilitation Centre also received an amazing new electrical system including solar panels and batteries.  This was a critical development for our facility which is in the heart of a remote refugee settlement, currently without Government power.  The centre needs a substantial electrical system in order to support a number of machines that have recently been installed to be used in fabricating new prosthetic and orthotic devices. These services will help thousands of people in the coming years.
Aside from the incredible health related benefits these new systems will offer our beneficiaries, we’re delighted they will also help our passion for caring for the planet!