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Kings, Queens and Lab Equipment!

What a month February was for our team in Haiti!  

On the 11th we had the extraordinary privilege to host the first ever Night to Shine event in northern Haiti, an annual global prom event sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation that celebrates people with special needs and Gods love for all. Brooke, our Disability Coordinator in Haiti did an amazing job putting on an event that transformed 77 beautiful lives.  

Our CEO ,Carwyn, said the event has to be amongst his top HHA highlights in the last 15 years. Seeing children who are so often overlooked and neglected by their society, celebrated and treated as kings and queens for the night was truly heart-warming. So many of these children have had the most incredibly difficult lives, but Night to Shine celebrated them in the most beautiful and empowering way. We’re hoping we can do this again in 2023!

 In February we also saw the fulfilment of a major new laboratory upgrade, which has been the result of years of hard work.  This upgrade will significantly improve patient care, providing new laboratory tests, improving the accuracy of existing tests and reducing the time tests take, critical in emergency situations. As one example, the hospitals Sickle Cell Test used to take 2 days to process, but can now be done in 10 minutes!

The staff are incredibly grateful and we'd like to give a huge thanks to Ed from World Wide Labs and The Randal Charitable Foundation for making this dream become a reality.  

You can see a great short vlog below, from our Health Care Coordinator Rob explaining the amazing difference this new lab equipment will have: