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Update from Haiti: Crisis deepens but hope remains

Following our update on the deepening crisis in Haiti on 16th September, we are saddened to report that the situation across the country remains critical.  One of our team in Haiti has said the situation is ‘dire for hospitals right now’.  The on-going instability causing another national fuel crisis, has left many hospitals across the country having to reduce services and/or prepare for closure. According to one report, at least 3 out of 4 hospitals in Haiti are being impacted.

UNICEF have stated that the current crisis could mean more than 28,000 newborns do not receive ‘essential healthcare services’ in the next 4 months. Whether this be access to life-saving support in neonatal units or basic vaccinations.  Haiti’s UN envoy stated Haiti was facing a ‘humanitarian catastrophe.’  At our partner hospital, we have now run out of oxygen and are relying heavily upon oxygen concentrators, but these require electricity and our fuel reserves once more run critically low.

Yet, against this incredibly difficult backdrop, the team on the ground have rallied together again to do everything within their power to keep HCBH open.  Due to violent roadblocks, it has been impossible for some staff to get to HCBH.  Others who have navigated dangerous roads and managed to arrive, come with night bags and sometimes stay at the hospital for up to 4-5 days.  Whilst they are tired, morale is reported to be remarkably high.

Then, thanks to an amazing response to our Solar Summer Appeal, this week we have been able to carry out some critical actions to improve the hospital’s solar capacity. Donations made to our summer appeal have now enabled the hospital to have power in all departments during sun light hours for essential, life-saving equipment.  Thanks to your support, we now have a much stronger foundation to navigate the next few weeks, though there is of course a lot more that needs to be done.

We would ask that those who join in our heart for prayer, hold Haiti up at this time.  Please pray...

- The hospital can find more fuel in the coming days to remain fully open
- Life-saving equipment can be stretched to the max to support the emergency
- Safety, wisdom and energy for all the team
- Calm and peace across the country

If you would like to support efforts on the ground, you can still make a donation towards our summer appeal here