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Rehab Garden Complete!

This month, we completed the transformation of the previously idle space behind the HCBH Rehabilitation Center into the Rehabilitation Community Garden, where patients and families can gather together, integrate into our Vocational Training Program and have an event space for special occasions and activities held at the Rehab Center. Before this project, this area was neglected; it had no shade, rendering it very hot in the Haitian climate,  there were no seating options available and the terrain was very rocky and uneven, making it inaccessible to people with disabilities. 

Given the nature of inpatient rehabilitation services, many patients live in the unit for months and in some cases years at a time. Although the patients’ days are occupied with therapy sessions and nursing care, this still leaves a good portion of the day unaccounted for, during which the majority of patients spend indoors in their beds. Knowing the psychological, emotional, and subsequent physical health benefits of community engagement and outdoor recreational activities, we chose to transform the area into one that is advantageous to our incredibly resilient patients. 

Now, the garden is wheelchair accessible with wide concrete pathways creating a route from the Rehab Center to the Chapel, and includes a shaded area for sun protection and cooler temperatures. There are a variety of benches and seating areas available for people of all physical abilities, scenic landscaping with raised flower beds, and a designated elevated gardening area for Vocational Training to teach patients agricultural skills enabling them to grow sustainable food for themselves and families upon discharge.