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One Body Many Parts- Part 2

The Chapel

Excitement has been growing on the HCBH site over the last few weeks as the new chapel building project has been steadily progressing.

The current temporary chapel, which has been in use since December 2016, is a makeshift space between two buildings – an area which is really an extension of maternity, intended to check expectant mothers’ vital signs.

Before this space, the congregation gathered in a tent, which was even less ideal with the occasional extremes of weather causing damage to the tent. Whilst the pastors and all those who use the chapel are grateful to have this current temporary space, it doesn’t always lend itself to times of quiet and stillness as it is a bit of a thoroughfare between different areas of the hospital.

I spoke to Pastor Samuel about the excitement surrounding the new chapel whose design and construction is being led by Guylee and his site manager, René Etienne (or ‘Boss René’). Speaking about the interim time whilst the congregation and pastors wait for their new building Pastor Samuel said: “We can’t be discouraged, we just need to adapt. It is important to still worship God”. He told me that they had been praying for a long time for this new chapel, and seeing the start of the building is like a miracle for patients, families and staff. Despite the excitement about the new chapel, Pastor Samuel said that ultimately the important things are to “have faith and treat each other well” adding that it is “not the building or the clothes we wear for church” that matter most to God.

Pastor Samuel said that whilst the temporary space has its challenges, he has still seen God working. He told me about a miracle he had witnessed when another pastor from the border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic came to the hospital with his wife, devastated by the news that they had lost the baby they were expecting. She was 38 weeks pregnant but she hadn’t felt the baby move for a while and her concern took them to their local hospital near the border where an ultra sound confirmed their worst fears; their baby had died. The couple chose not to have an induction and left the hospital to digest their sad news. Later in the day, they came to HCBH and here in the temporary chapel, Pastor Samuel listened to their distress and grief and prayed with them.

They then visited HCBH’s maternity unit to discuss the difficult issue of inducing labour. A routine ultra sound was performed and miraculously a heartbeat was detected! The next day, a healthy baby girl was born to the delighted couple; her amazing birth celebrated in the temporary chapel.

HHA continues to look for funding to help us complete the Chapel project. If you are interested in partnering with us in that way, please contact us! We cannot wait to see how God continues to reveal Himself through this project.